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East Coasting

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kontrabas (zapis częściowo w kluczu wiolinowym, częściowo w basowym) (1)

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Okładka: Mingus Charles, Charles Mingus - More Than A Fake Book

cena 110,95 zł.


Mingus Charles
Charles Mingus - More Than A Fake Book

Ilość stron:160
Format: 228.6 x 304.8
Opracowanie na:kontrabas (zapis częściowo w kluczu wiolinowym, częściowo w basowym)
Rodzaj produktu:nuty drukowane
Dostępnośćw magazynie, wysyłka natychmiastowa
Kod produktu:NPL056140

Charles Mingus was a pioneer figure in modern jazz. Besides being a virtuoso bass player who played with the top jazz musicians for four decades, he was also an accomplished pianist, bandleader and composer who recorded more than 100 albums and wrote more than 300 original and innovative scores. This incredible collection explores Mingus' background and prestigious career as well as 55 of his pieces. The stories behind each song are given and accompanied by notes on how Mingus played the piece. Mingus photos, anecdotes, quotes and an extensive discography fill this volume that collectors will treasure. A truly personal work that celebrates the genius within this jazz legend. Songs include: Fables of Faubus • Sue's Changes • Better Get Hit in Your Soul • Weird Nightmare • and more.

Lista utworów:
Better Get Hit In Your Soul (Charles Mingus)
Blue Cee
Boogie Stop Shuffle (Charles Mingus)
Canon (Pachelbel J)
Celia (Bud Powell, Charles Mingus)
Devil Woman (Mingus)
Diane (Alice's Wonderland) (Charles Mingus)
Dizzy Moods
Duke Ellington's Sound Of Love (Charles Mingus)
Duke's Choice
East Coasting
Ecclusiastics (Charles Mingus)
Eclipse (Charles Mingus, John Denver, Pink Floyd)
E's Flat, Ah's Flat Too
Fables Of Faubus (Charles Mingus)
Farewell Farwell
Free Cell Block F, 'Tis Nazi USA (Charles Mingus)
Goodbye Pork Pie Hat (Charles Mingus)
Haitian Fight Song (Charles Mingus)
Hora Decubitus
I Of Hurricane Sue, The
Jelly Roll (Charles Mingus)
Jump Monk (Charles Mingus)
Man Who Never Sleeps
Moanin' (Bobby Timmons, Charles Mingus)
Monk, Bunk And Vice Versa
My Jelly Roll Soul
Nobody Knows(The Bradley I Know)
Noddin' Ya Head Blues
Nostalgia In Times Square (Charles Mingus)
O, Lord, Please Don't Let Them Drop That Atomic Bomb On Me (Charles Mingus)
O.P. (Oscar Pettiford)
Open Letter To Duke
Open Letter To The Avant Garde
Opus Four
Opus Three
Orange Was Color Dress,Blue Silk
Peggy's Blue Skylight (Charles Mingus)
Pithecanthropus Erectus (Charles Mingus)
Portrait (Charles Mingus, P.O.D. (Payable On Death))
Pussy Cat Dues (Charles Mingus)
Reincarnation Of A Lovebird (Charles Mingus)
Remember Rockefeller At Attica (Charles Mingus)
Scenes In The City
Self Portrait In Three Colors (Charles Mingus)
Slippers (Charles Mingus)
So Long Eric
Sue's Changes (Charles Mingus)
Tonight At Noon
Us Is Two
Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting
Weird Nightmare (Charles Mingus)
What Love
Work Song (Cannonball Adderley)


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