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Beloved Wife

Dostępne opracowania:

flet poprzeczny solo (1)
skrzypce solo (1)

Beloved Wife znajdziesz w 2 publikacjach wymienionych poniżej:

Okładka: Corigliano John, The Red Violin Caprices (Violin)

cena 55,95 zł.


Corigliano John
The Red Violin Caprices (Violin)

Ilość stron:12
Format:230 x 305
Opracowanie na:skrzypce solo
Obsada:Instrument (w nawiasie ilość materiałów wykonawczych)
Skrzypce (1)
Rodzaj produktu:nuty drukowane
Wersja językowa:wstępu: angielska
tytułów utworów: angielska
Stopień trudności:6 w skali od 0 do 10
Dostępnośćw magazynie, wysyłka natychmiastowa
AutorzyEdytor: Bell Joshua

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Kod produktu:NPL060185

The Red Violin Caprices (duration: ca. 10 min.) are derived from John Corigliano's music for The Red Violin, which received the 1999 Academy Award for Best Original Score. The Caprices were composed especially for Joshua Bell. 'These Caprices, composed in conjunction with the score for François Girard's film The Red Violin, take a spacious, troubadour-inspired theme and vary it both linearly and stylistically. These variations intentionally evoke Baroque, Gypsy, and arch-Romantic idioms as they examine the same materials (a dark, seven-chord chaconne as well as that principal theme) from differing aural viewpoints. The Caprices were created and ordered to reflect the structure of the film, in which Bussotti, a fictional 18th-century violin maker, crafts his greatest violin for his soon-to-be-born son. When tragedy claims wife and child, the grief-stricken Bussotti, in a gesture both ardent and macabre, infuses the blood of his beloved into the varnish of the instrument. Their fates thus joined, the violin travels across three centuries through Vienna, London, Shanghai and Montreal, passing through the hands of a doomed child prodigy, a flamboyant virtuoso, a haunted Maoist commissar, and at last a willful Canadian expert, whose own plans for the violin finally complete the circle of parent and child united in art.' - John Corigliano

Okładka: Walsh Jessica, Celtic Music For Flute

cena 145,95 zł.


Walsh Jessica
Celtic Music For Flute

polski Muzyka celtycka na flet
angielski Celtic Music For Flute

Ilość stron:44
Format:230 x 305
Opracowanie na:flet poprzeczny solo
Obsada:Instrument (w nawiasie ilość materiałów wykonawczych)
Flet (1)
Rodzaj produktu:nuty drukowane + płyta CD
Wersja językowa:wstępu: angielska
tytułów utworów: angielska
Stopień trudności:4 w skali od 0 do 10
Dostępnośćw magazynie, wysyłka natychmiastowa

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Kod produktu:NPL075075

Kolekcja aż 44 melodii celtyckich zaaranżowane na flet poprzeczny solo. Na dołączonej płycie CD znaleźć można nagrania wszystkich utworów. Zapis zawiera funkcje harmoniczne. Wszystkie utwory zostały wybrane ze względu na to, że doskonale brzmią grane na flecie solo. Melodie zaaranżowane zostały swobodnie, co oznacza, że nie trzeba ściśle trzymać się zapisu nutowego w kwestii tempa czy powtórek.

A generous anthology of Celtic melodies, collated by Jessica Walsh, and arranged for the Flute. From Blythe Was The Time to Ye Banks And Braes Of Bonny Doon, every tune includes performance notes and historical information. Guitar chord symbols are provided to guide your accompaniments, and a full CD of examples is included featuring Allan Alexander. All of the tunes in this book are here because they have the qualityof enchantment. Music is magic, and that is what this book is about.

Lista utworów:
An Emigrant's Daughter
Arrane Ny Skeddan (Song Of The Herring)
Blind Mary
Blythe Was The Time
Carolan's Farewell
Carpenter's Morris
Cold And Raw
Come, Give Me Your Hand
Fear A Bhata (The Boatman)
Fisherman's Lilt
Follow My Highland Soldier
Hunting The Hare
Hush My Babe, Lie Still And Slumber
Hush! The Waves Are Rolling In
I Left Him On The Mountainside
Johnny Cope
Kemp's Jig
Lassie, Lie Near Me
MacCrimmon's Lament
Manx Lullaby
Mary's Lament
My Thousand Times Beloved
Niel Gow's Lament For The Death Of His Second Wife
O As I Was Kissing Yestreen
Parting Forever
Pastheen Fionn
Pat's Missing Finger
Send 'Em Running
Shule Agra
Silent, O Moyle
Song Of The Falcon Chief
Suo Gan
The Butterfly
The Chase
The Cuckoo's Nest
The Exile Song
The Foggy Dew
The Gentle Maiden
The Queen's Dream
The Road To Listonvarna
The Swan
Ye Banks And Braes O Bonnie Doon
Young Catherine


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