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American Concert Piano Music

Okładka: , American Concert Piano Music

cena 110,95 zł.


American Concert Piano Music

polski Amerykańskie utwory koncertowe na fortepian
angielski American Concert Piano Music

Ilość stron:8
Format:230 x 305
Opracowanie na:fortepian solo
Obsada:Instrument (w nawiasie ilość materiałów wykonawczych)
O B S A D A 3 (1) : Fortepian I i Fortepian II
O B S A D A 2 (1) : Fortepian primo i Fortepian secondo
O B S A D A 1 (1) : Fortepian
Wersja językowa:wstępu: angielska
tytułów utworów: angielska
Dostępność:dostawa w ciągu 30 dni
Kod produktu:NPL065918

CD Sheet Music(TM) to wyjątkowa seria dzieł muzycznych zapisanych w formie popularnego formatu plików *.pdf, które można odtworzyć na komputerze PC lub MAC i wydrukować te pozycje, które są nam aktualnie potrzebne. Publikacje te pozwalają nam wykorzystać komputer do magazynowania dzieł muzycznych, tworząc prywatną, wirtualną bibliotekę muzyczną. Publikacja ta zawiera zbiór utworów fortepianowych amerykańskich kompozytorów muzyki poważnej, łącznie ponad 2200 stron muzyki.

Homer Bartlett
Grand Polka de Concert, Op. 1

Amy Marcy Cheney (Mrs. H. H. A.) Beach

Valse Caprice, Op. 4
Four Sketches, Op. 15 - In Autumn; Phantoms; Dreaming; Fire-tlies
Three Pieces, Op. 28 - Barcaroile; Menuet Italien; Danse des Fleurs
Children's Album, Op. 36 - Minuet; Gavotte; Waltz; March; Polka
Two Pieces, Op. 54 - Scottish Legend; Gavotte Fantastique
Variations on Balkan Themes, Op. 60
Prelude and Fugue, Op. 81
Two Pieces, Op. 102 - Farewell, Summer; Dancing Leaves
Cradle Song of the Lonely Mother, Op. 108

Summer Dreams, Op. 47
The Brownies; Rabin Redbreast; Twilight; Kat ydids; Eltin Tarantelle; Good Night

Paul Bowles
Folk Preludes
I. Peter Gray; II. Ching a Ring Chaw; III. Whar Did
You Cum From; IV. Oh! Potatoes They Grow Small
Over There; V. Cape Ann; VI. Ole Tare River;
VII.Kentucky Moonshiner

George Frederick Bristow
Souvenir de Mount Vernon (grande valse brillante), Op. 29

Dudley Buck
Introduction and Rondo Brilliante, Op. 7

John Alden Carpenter
Polonaise Americaine
Tango Americaine
Little Indian
Little Dancer
Krazy Kat (A Jazz Pantomime)

Benjamin Carr
Fantasia on the Air "Gramachree"

George W. Chadwick
Caprice No. 2
Scherzino, from 6 Characteristic Pieces, Op. 7
Five Pieces - Prelude Joyeux; Dans le Canot (BarcaroIle);
Le Ruisseau (Etude); Le Crepuscule (Romance);
Les Grenouilles (Humoresque)

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor
Three Humoresques, Op. 31
Moorish Dance, Op. 55
Twenty-Four Negro Melodies, Op. 59
At The Dawn Of Day; The Stones Are Very Hard; Take Nabandji;
They Will Not Lend Me A Chiid; Song Ot Conquest; Warriors' Song;
Oloba; The Bamboula; The Angels Changed My Name; Deep River;
Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel?; Don't Be Weary, Traveler;
Going Up; I'm Troubled In Mind; I Was Way Down A-Yonder;
Let Us Cheer The Weary Traveler; Many Thousand Gone;
My Lord Delivered Daniel; Oh, He Raise A Poor Lazarus;
Pilgrim's Sing; Run, Mary, Run; Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless ChiId;
Steal Away; Wade In The Water

Forest Scenes, Op. 66
I. The Lane Forest Maiden; II. The Phantom Lover Arrives;
III. The Phantom Tells His Tale ot Longing;
IV. Erstwhile They Ride, The Forest Maiden Acknowledges Her Love;
V. Naw Proudly They Journey Towards the Great City

Henry Cowell
Three Irish Legends; The Tides of Manaunaun; The Hero Sun;
The Voice of Lir; Dynamie Motion Four Encores to Dynamie Motion
1. What's This; 2. Amiable Conversation;
3. Advertisement; 4. Antinomy Two Woofs

Ruth Crawford (Seeger)
Piano Study in Mixed Accents
4 Preludes for Piano

Arthur Farwell
Impressions of the Wa-Wan Ceremony of the Omahas, Op. 21
Receiving The Messenger; Nearing The Village;
Song Ot Approach; Laying Down The Pipes;
Raising The Pipes; Invocation; Song Ot Peace; Chorai

Arthur Foote
Suite No. 1 in D Minor, Op. 15
I. Prelude; II. Fugue; III. Romance; IV. Capriccio From Rest Harrow
ALittle Suite for the Pianoforte; Morning Glories;
Rain on the Garret Root; A Country Song;
Country Dance; Alla Turca
Suite No. 2 in C Minor, Op. 30
I. Prelude; II. Romance; III. Toccata
Five Poems After Omar Khayyam, Op. 41
Scherzino, Op. 42, No. 1
Etude Arabesque, Op. 42, No. 2
Serenade, Op. 45
I. Aubade; II. Air; III. A Dance; IV. Finale; V. Toccatina
Silhouettes, Op. 73
I. Prelude; II. Dusk; III. Valse Triste; IV. Flying Cloud;
V. Oriental Dance

Stephen Foster

Holiday Schottische
Old Folks At Home (Theme and Variations)
1. Old Folks At Home; 2. Oh! Boys, Carry Me Long;
3. Nelly Bly; 4. Farewell, My Lilly Dear;
5. Cane Break Jig Santa Anna's Retreat (Quick-step)
Soiree Polka
Tioga Waltz
The Village Bells

Soirée Polka

Louis Moreau Gottschalk
Bamboula, Op. 2( Danse des Negres)
La Savane, Op. 3 (Ballade Creole)
Le Bananier, Op. 5 (Chanson Negre)
Le Mancenillier, Op. 11 (Serenade)
La Scintilla, Op. 20 (Mazurka Sentimentale)
La Jota Aragonesa, Op. 14 (Caprice Espagnol)
Souvenirs D'Andalousie, Op.22 (Caprice de Concert)
Manchega, Op. 38 (Etude de Concert)
Minuit A Seville, Op. 30 (Caprice)
The Last Hope, Op. 16 (Religious Meditation)
Tournament Galop
The Banjo, Op. 15 (American Sketch)
Marche de Nuit, Op. 17
Printemps D'Amour, Op. 40 (Mazurka)
Ricordati, Op. 26 (Nocturne-Meditation-Romance)
Sospiro, Op. 24 (Valse Poetique)
Souvenir de Porto Rico, Op.31 (Marche des Gibaros)
Danza, Op. 33
Ojos Criollos, Op. 37 (Danse Cubaine)
Souvenir de la Havane, Op. 39
Berceuse, Op. 47 (Cradle Song)
O Ma Charmante, Epargnez Moi!, Op. 44
Suis Moi!, Op. 45 (Caprice)
Union, Op. 48 (Paraphrase on National Airs)
Home, Sweet Home, Op. 51 (after Bishop)
La Columbe, Op. 49 (Petite Polka)
La Gallina, Op. 53 (Danse Cubaine)
The Dying Poet (Meditation)
Ses Yeux, Op. 66 (polka de Concert)
Morte!!, Op. 60 (Lamentation)
Grand Scherzo, Op. 57
Pasquinade, Op. 59 (Caprice)
Ballade No. 6, Op. 85

Children's March (Over The Hills And Far Away)
Colonial Song
Country Gardens
Eastern Intermezzo
In A Nutshell
1. Arrival Platform Humlet; 2. Gay But Wistful;
3. Pastoral; 4. The Gum-Suckers March
Irish Tune from County Derry
LulIaby (from: Tribute to Foster)
Mock Morris (Concert Version)
Mock Morris (popular Version)
Molly on the Shore One More Day, My John
Shepherd's Hey
Spoon River
The Sussex Mummers' Christmas Carol
Walking Tune

Charles Tomlinson Griffes
Three Tone-Pictures, Op. 5
The Lake At Evening; The Vale Ot Dreams; The Night Winds
Fantasy Pieces, Op. 6
BarcaroIle; Notturno; Scherzo
Roman Sketches, Op. 7
The White Peacock; Nightfall (Al tar delia notte);
The Fountain Ot The Acqua Paola; Clouds
Dance Song
Marching Song

Anthony Philip Heinrich
Sonata for the Piano Forte

Victor Hewitt
La Coquette The Mountain Brook

James Hewitt
Mark My Alford (A favorite air with variations)

Edward Burlingame Hill
Four Sketches After Stephen Crane, Op. 7
Country IdylIs, Op. 10
A Spring Morning: A Starlit Night; An Autumn Hunting Song;
An August Luliaby; In a Garden by Moonlight; A Summer Evening

Richard Hoffman
Dixiana (Caprice on Dixie's Land)

Charles Ives
Study No. 5
The Anti-Abolitionist Riots in the 1830's and 1840's (Study No. 9)
Some South-Paw Pitching (Study No. 21)

Edgar Stillman Kelley
Contluentia, Op. 2, No. 2
The Headless Horseman, Op. 2, No. 3

Harvey W. Loomis
Lyrics ot the Red Man, Book I, Op. 76 - Music of the Calumet; A Song of Sorrow;
Around the Wigwam; Silent Conquerer; Warriors' Dance

Edward MacDowel

Forgotten Fairytales, Op. 4
1. Sung Outside The Prince's Door
2. Of A Tailor And A Bear;
3. Beauty In The Rosegarden
4. From Dwarfland
Praeludium, Op. 10/1 (tr First Modern Suite)
Serenata, Op. 16
Witches' Dance, Op. 17, No. 2 (Hexentanz)
Six Poems After Heinrich Heine, Op. 31
1. From A Fisherman's Hut; 2. Scotch Poem;
3. From Long Ago; 4. The Post Wagon;
5. The Shepherd Boy; 6. Monologue
Four Little Poems, Op. 32
1. The Eagle; 2. The Brook; 3. Moonshine; 4. Winter
Etude de Concert, Op. 36
Marionettes, Op. 38
1. Prologue; 2. Soubrette; 3. Lover; 4. Witch;
5. Clown; 6. Villain; 7. Sweetheart; 8. Epilogue
Twelve Etudes, Op. 39
1. Jagdlied; 2. Alla Tarentella; 3. Romanze; 4. Arabeske
5. Waldfahrt (Forest Journey); 6. Gnomentanz (Gnomes' Dance)
7. Idylle; 8. Schattentanz (Shadow Dance); 9. Intermezzo;
10. Melodie; 11. Scherzino; 12. Ungarisch (Hungarian)
Sonata No. 1 in G Minor, Op. 45 (Sonata Tragica)
Twelve Virtuoso Etudes, Op. 46
1. Novelette; 2. Moto Perpetuo; 3. Wilde Jagd;
4. Improvisation; 5. Elfentanz; 6. Valse Triste;
7. Burleske; 8. Bluette; 9. Traumerie
10. Marzwinde; 11. Impromptu; 12. Polonaise
Sonata No. 2 in G Minor, Op. 50 (Sonata Eroica)
Woodland Sketches, Op. 51
I. To A Wild Rose; II. Will O' The Wisp; III. At An Old Trysting Place; IV. In Autumn
V. From An Indian Lodge; VI. To A Water-Lily; VII. From Uncle Remus;
VIII. A Deserted Farm; IX. By A Meadow Brook; X. Told At Sunset
Sea Pieces, Op. 55
1. To The Sea; 2. From A Wandering Iceberg; 3. A. D. MOCXX; 4. Starlight; 5. Song
6. From The Depths; 7. Nautilus; 8. In Mid-Ocean
Sonata No. 3 in D Minor, Op. 57 (Norse Sonata)
Sonata No. 4 in E Minor, Op. 59
Fireside Tales, Op. 61
1. An Old Love Story; 2. Of Br'er Rabbit; 3. From A German Forest; 4. Of Salamanders;
5. A Haunted House; 6. By Smouldering Embers
New England Idyls, Op. 62
I. An Old Garden; II. Mid-summer; III. Mid-winter; IV. With Sweet Lavender; V. In Deep Woods;
VI. Indian Idyl; VII. To An Old White Pine; VIII. From Puritan Days; IX. From A Log Cabin;
X. The Joy Of Autumn

Piano Concerto No. 2 in D Minor, Op. 23

Daniel Gregory Manson
Variations on "Yankee Doodle", Op. 6

William Manson
Silver Spring, Op. 6
Novelette, Op. 31, No. 2

Ethelbert Nevin
Two Etudes, Op. 18 - I. Etude in form of a Romance; II. Etude in form of a Scherzo

Leo Ornstein
Berceuse, Op. 7, No. 1
Mazurka, Op. 7, No. 2
Romance, Op. 7, No. 3
Humoresque, Op. 7, No. 4
Melancholie, Op. 7, No. 5
Danse Fantastique, Op. 7, No. 6
Gavotte, Op. 7, No. 7
Valse, Op. 7, No. 8
Danse Burlesque, Op. 7, No. 9

John Knowles Paine
Birthday Impromptu, Op. 41, No. 2
Fuga Giocosa, Op. 41, No. 3

Horatio Parker
Conte Serieux, op. 49, No. 1
La Sauterelle, Op. 49, No. 2

Vincent Persichetti
Poems, Vols. I. II and III
Four Arabesques, Op. 141
Little Piano Book, Op. 60
1. Berceuse; 2 Capriccio; 3. Dialogue; 4. Masque; 5. Statement; 6. Arietta; 7. Humoreske;
8. Fanfare; 9. Interlude; 10. Prologue; 11.Canon; 12. Epilogue; 13. Fugue; 14. Gloria

Walter Piston

Wallingford Riegger
Petite Etude

Carl Ruggles
Evocations(Four Chants for Piano)
I. Largo; II. Andante con Fantasia; III. Moderato Appassionato; IV. Adagio Sostenuto

John Phillip Sousa
The Gladiator
The March Past ot the Ritle Regiment
Semper Fidelis The March Past ot the National Fencibles
The Thunderer
The Washington Post
The Picador March
The High School Cadets
The March Past ot the Corcoran Cadets
The Manhattan Beach March
The Liberty Bell
The Beau Ideal March
King Cotton
El Capitan
The Bride-Elect
The Stars and Stripes Forever (March)
The Stars and Stripes Forever (Song)
Hands Across The Sea
Hail to the Spirit ot Liberty
The Invincible Eagle
Imperial Edward
Jack Tar
The Diplomat
The Free Lance
The Stars and Stripes Forever (arranged tor Piano, 6 hands)

Arthur Shepherd
Mazurka, Op. 2, No. 1

Carlos Troyer
Ghost Dance Ot The Zunis

The Andes (Marche di Bravura)


Articles from Grove's Dictionary of Music & Musicians, 1911 Edition

Bartlett; Beach; Bristow; Buck; Carr; Chadwick; Coleridge-Taylor; Farwell;
Foote; Foster; Gottschalk; Grainger; Griffes; Heinrich; Herbert; Hewitt; Hill;
Hoffman; Hymn Books; Kelley; Loomis; MacDowell; Mason, Daniel;
Mason, Lowell; Mason, William; Nevin; Ornstein; Paine; Parker; Shepherd;
Sousa; Warren; Whiting;

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