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Sweet And Low

Dostępne opracowania:

fortepian solo (1)
fortepian solo (dodatkowo zawiera teksty, akordy) (1)
gitara (zawiera zapis tradycyjny oraz tabulaturę, akordy) (1)
keyboard solo (zawiera akordy, teksty) (1)
płyta CD (1)

Sweet And Low znajdziesz w 5 publikacjach wymienionych poniżej:

Okładka: Aaron Michael, Adult Piano Course, Book 1

cena 55,95 zł.


Aaron Michael
Adult Piano Course, Book 1

polski Kurs gry na fortepianie dla dorosłych, z. 1
angielski Adult Piano Course, Book 1

Ilość stron:64
Format:230 x 305
Opracowanie na:fortepian solo
Obsada:Instrument (w nawiasie ilość materiałów wykonawczych)
Fortepian (1)
Rodzaj produktu:nuty drukowane
Wersja językowa:wstępu: angielska
opisów: angielska
tytułów utworów: angielska
Stopień trudności:1 w skali od 0 do 10
Dostępnośćw magazynie, wysyłka natychmiastowa
AutorzyAutor aranżacji/opracowania: Aaron Michael

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Kod produktu:NPL066931
Produkty podobne:Aaron Michael - Klavierschule, Heft 3
Aaron Michael - Methode De Piano, Cours Elementaire: Volume 1
Aaron Michael - Michael Aaron Adult Piano Course, Vol. 2
Aaron Michael - Michael Aaron Klavierschule, Heft 1
Aaron Michael - Michael Aaron Piano Course Lessons, Vol. 1
Aaron Michael - Michael Aaron Piano Course Lessons, Vol. 4
Aaron Michael - Michael Aaron Piano Course, vol. 2
Aaron Michael - Michael Aaron Piano Course: Lessons, Vol. 3
Aaron Michael - Michael Aaron, Klavierschule, vol. 1
Aaron Michael - Piano Course Lessons Primer

Kurs gry na fortepianie oparty jest przede wszystkim na nauce utworów, a dodatkowo na etiudach poprawiających motorykę i na ćwiczeniach harmonicznych. Pierwsza część szkoły wprowadza także w podstawowe zagadnienia muzyczne dotyczące wartości rytmicznych, nazw dźwięków i ich rozmieszczenia na klawiaturze instrumentu, sposób ułożenia rąk na klawiaturze, itp. Pomimo sugestywnego tytułu, z kursu tego może korzystać również młodzież, jednak ta może wymagać dodatkowego materiału stymulującego ich zainteresowanie grą.

The interest in piano and the desire to play, has increased tremendously in the past few years. Especially is this noticeable among adults who have either had some elementary piano instruction in their youth or have been denied this study for verious reasons. This increased interest is partly due to the widespread influence of radio. Hearing music almost daily has become an integral part of our lives and it is this constant influence which has awakended a keen and natural desire to become an active participant. Is is to the furtherance and stimulation of this natural desire that this course was planned. The adult approach has been kept constantly in mind, however not to the exclussion of certain basic principles which are necessary in order to make rapid and satisfactory progress. The logical and stepwise manner of progression in this course should prove of inestimable ain to both the student and teacher.

Spis treści:

Introduction to Music
Right Hand Position
Time Signatures, Notes and Rhythmic Patterns
Ode to Joy - Beethoven
Left Hand Position
Song of the Cello
Both Hands
Alpine Melody
Intermezzo - Schubert
How Can I Leave Thee?
Rest and New Positions of left Hand
Introducing 3rd Space C
Slurs and Tied Notes
The Three C's
The C Major Scales
Co-ordination of the hands
Around and Around
Expression marks
Soft, soft, music is stealing
Contrary Motion
G Position
Eighth Notes
Hunting Song and Rhythmic Pattern
Double Note Studies
Old English Dance
Sight Reading
Up and down groups (line notes)
Up and down groups (Space notes)
Six-eight Rhythm and Three blind Mice
The Half Step (Sharps and Flats)
The Whole Step and Major Scale Pattern
Leger Lines and Spaces
Thoughts at Twilight - Aaron
Finger Drills
Scale and key of G major
He's a Jolly Good Fellow
Finger Drill
The Damper Pedal
Drink to me only with thine eyes
Scale and key of F major
Carnival Time - Aaron
The Three Major Triads
Song of Happiness
Inversion of triads
The Dominant - Seventh Chord
Dotted Quarters
Cradle Song - Brahms
Scale and key of B Flat Major
Romance - Rubinstein
Chord Studies
The Rose of Tralee - Glover
Marche Slave - Tschaikowsky
Home on the Range
Scale and key of D major
A Hundred Pipers
Sweet and Low - Barnby
Strummin' on the old Banjo - Aaron
Scale and key of E flat Major
Down on the Delta - Aaron
La Cucaracha
Liebestraume - Liszt
Waves of the Danube - Ivanovici
The Major scale and chords
Dictionary of musical terms

Okładka: Neely Blake, Schroedl Jeff, Guitarra, vol. 2

cena 55,95 zł.


Neely Blake, Schroedl Jeff
Guitarra, vol. 2

polski Gitara, z. 2
hiszpański Guitarra, vol. 2

Ilość stron:48
Format:230 x 305
Opracowanie na:gitara (zawiera zapis tradycyjny oraz tabulaturę, akordy)
Obsada:Instrument (w nawiasie ilość materiałów wykonawczych)
Gitara (1)
Rodzaj produktu:nuty drukowane + płyta CD
Wersja językowa:wstępu: hiszpańska
opisów: hiszpańska
tytułów utworów: hiszpańska
Dostępnośćw magazynie, wysyłka natychmiastowa

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Kod produktu:NPL074937
Produkty podobne:Neely Blake, Schroedl Jeff - Fasttrack Guitar Method - Book 1 - Spanish Edition

Ta szkoła gry na gitarze (elektrycznej lub akustycznej), zawiera kontynuację problemów poruszonych w pierwszej części razem z ich powtórką. Do publikacji dołączono płytę CD zawierającą nagrania przykładów.

The Spanish edition of the popular Fast Track guitar book, covering all aspects of guitar technique.

Spis treści:

Take the stage
It used to be mine
50s Pop
Rock all night
Sweet and low
Alternative Guitar
Muted Groove
Summer lovin'
Progressively faster
An alternate way
Power sixteenths
Rasguidos de semichorchea
Strum along
Strum, strum, strum!
Rock acustico
Ballada acustica
1-2-3 strum
That's what i like
Amortigua esto!
Guitar twang
Dark rock
Breakin' up ain't hard to do
Hey, Jim
Fur Elise
Boogie Woogie
Not Quite
Just Right
In Sync
The Entertainer
Secuencia de una escala menor
Secuencia de una escala mayor
I've been rocking on the railroad
Jamaica farewell
Seventh Heaven
Bluesy Sevenths
Ragtime Rhythm
Blues en sol
The sky is whining
Minor blues
Quick change artist
Rock'n'roll Rhythm
Rockin' and compin'
Secuencia de la escala de blues
PLayin' lead guitar
Jesu. Joy of man's desire
Three of a kind
Tresillos con silencios
Compas de 6/8
Delta blues
Berry-like en 12/8
Cromatismo en la quinta posición
Escala de Do mayor de dos octaves
Escala de La menor de dos octaves
Water Chestnut
Oh, Susannah
Arkansas Traveler
The corner barre
Mother may I?
Just B(e) flat
Examen de cejilla
If it moves you
All along the sidewalk
Livin' after dark
Up and back
Acordes con deslizamiento
Percutir con los dedos
Push and pull
„Bending” de un tono
„Bending” de un semitono
Twang it!
Up and down
Nervioso (banda completa)
Nervioso (Guitarra menor)
Improvisacion en el sótano (banda completa)
Improvisacion en el sótano (gutarra menor)
Baja las luces (banda completa)
Baja las luces (guitarra menor)

Okładka: Appleby Amy, America's All - Time Favorite Songs For God and Country

cena 116,95 zł.


Appleby Amy
America's All - Time Favorite Songs For God and Country

polski Ulubione piosenki amerykańskie dla Boga i narodu
angielski America's All - Time Favorite Songs For God and Country

Ilość stron:320
Format:230 x 305
Opracowanie na:fortepian solo (dodatkowo zawiera teksty, akordy)
Obsada:Instrument (w nawiasie ilość materiałów wykonawczych)
Fortepian (1)
Rodzaj produktu:nuty drukowane
Wersja językowa:wstępu: angielska
tytułów utworów: angielska
słów utworów: angielska
Stopień trudności:3 w skali od 0 do 10
Dostępnośćw magazynie, wysyłka natychmiastowa
AutorzyEdytor: Appleby Amy

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Kod produktu:NPL078111

Obszerna publikacja zawierająca ponad 170 utworów - pieśni amerykańskich zarówno kościelnych jak i świeckich. Wszystkie utwory zostały opracowane na fortepian solo (zawierają oryginalne, kompletne teksty w języku angielskim, oraz zapis akordów). Wśród tytułów znajdziesz m. in.: "Jesus Loves Me, This I Know", "Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child", "But The Lord Is Mindful" (Mendelssohn), "Now The Day Is Over" i wiele innych.

Nowhere else will you find gathered together into one priceless treasury so many of your favourite American folk songs, patriotic anthems and marches, heart songs, sea chanteys, colonial songs, civil war songs, hymns, gospel songs, spirituals, Christmas carols, memorial songs, and sacred classics. This comprehensive volume includes over 175 full Piano arrangements with complete lyrics and chord symbols, and is illustrated with woodcuts, engravings and drawings throughout.

Lista utworów:
A Life On The Ocean Wave [Russel, Henry]
A Mighty Fortress Is Our God [Luther, Martin]
Abide With Me [Monk, William Henry]
Across The Wide Missouri
Agnus Dei [Bizet, Georges]
Alabama [Gockel-gussen, Edna]
All Hail The Power Of Jesus' Name [Holden, Oliver]
All My Heart This Night Rejoices [Ebeling, Johann Georg]
All People That On Earth Do Dwell [Bourgeois, Louis]
All Things Bright And Beautiful [Monk, William H.]
All Through The Night
Alleluja [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus]
Amazing Grace
America, The Beautiful [Ward, Samuel A.]
Anchors Aweigh [Zimmerman, Charles A.]
Angels From The Realms Of Glory [Smart, Henry]
Angels We Have Heard On High
As With Gladness, Men Of Old [Kocher, Konrad]
Auld Lang Syne
Ave Maria [Bach, Johann Sebastian] [Gounod, Charles]
Ave Maria [Schubert, Franz]
Away In A Manger [Murray, James R.]
Away Rio
Battle Hymn Of The Republic
Behold That Star
Blessed Assurance [Knapp, Phoebe P.] [Crosby, Fanny J.]
Blow The Man Down
Blow Your Trumpet, Gabriel
Bridal Chorus (Lohengrin) [Wagner, Richard]
Brightest And Best [Mendelssohn, Felix]
But The Lord Is Mindful Of His Own (St. Paul) [Mendelssohn, Felix]
Carry Me Back To Old Virginny [Bland, James A.]
Cherished Names [Marshall, L.B.]
Christ The Lord Is Risen Today
Christ Was Born On Christmas Day
Christians Awake [Wainwright, John]
Columbia, The Gem Of The Ocean [Shaw, David T.] [Becket, Thomas A.]
Come, Ye Thankful People, Come [Elvey, George J.]
Comrades, Sleep [Marshall, L.B.]
Coventry Carol
Danny Boy
Day Is Dying In The West [Sherwin, William F.]
Deep River
Faith Of Our Fathers [Hemy, Henri F.]
Flag Of The Free [Wagner, Richard] [Mccaskey, J.P.]
Git On Board, Little Children
Give Me That Old Time Religion
Glorious Things Of Thee Are Spoken [Haydn, Franz Joseph]
Go Tell It On The Mountain
God Be With You Till We Meet Again [Tomer, William]
God Of Our Fathers [Warren, George W.] [Roberts, Daniel C.]
God Save America [Lvov, Alexis F.]
Good King Wenceslas
Hail To The Chief [Sanderson, James]
Hail, Columbia [Phile, Philip]
Hallelujah Chorus (Messiah) [Handel, George Frideric]
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing [Mendelssohn, Felix]
He Leadeth Me [Bradbury, William B.] [Gilmore, Joseph]
He Shall Feed His Flock (Messiah) [Handel, George Frideric]
He's Got The Whole World In His Hands
Holy, Holy, Holy [Dykes, John B.] [Heber, Reginald]
Home Again From A Foreign Shore [Pike, Marshall S.]
Home On The Range
Home, Sweet Home [Bishop, Henry R.]
How Sweet The Name Of Jesus Sounds [Reinagle, Alexander R.]
I Know That My Redeemer Liveth (Messiah) [Handel, George Frideric]
I Love To Tell The Story [Fischer, William G.]
I Need Thee Every Hour [Lowry, Robert] [Hawks, Annie S.]
I Saw Three Ships
Illinois [Chamberlain, C.H.]
In The Sweet By And By [Webster, Joseph P.] [Bennett, Sanford Fillmore]
It Came Upon The Midnight Clear [Willis, Richard Storrs]
Jerusalem, The Golden [Ewing, Alexander]
Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
Jesus, Lover Of My Soul [Marsh, Simeon B.] [Wesley, Charles]
Jesus, Loves Me, This I Know [Bradbury, William B.]
Jesus, Savior, Pilot Me [Gould, John E.]
Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho
Joy To The World
Just As I Am [Bradbury, William B.] [Elliott, Charlotte]
Just Before The Battle, Mother [Root, George F.]
Keep The Home Fires Burning [Novello, Ivor]
Lead Us Heavenly Father [Filitz, Friedrich]
Lead, Kindly Light [Dykes, John B.]
Let My People Go
Let Us Break Bread Together
Mary Had A Baby
Maryland! My Maryland!
Meet Me In St. Louis, Louis [Mills, Kerry]
Memorial Day [Blamire, Susanna]
Michigan, My Michigan [Miessner, W. Otto]
My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean
My Faith Looks Up To Thee [Mason, Lowell] [Palmer, Ray]
My Heart Ever Faithful [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
My Old Kentucky Home [Foster, Stephen]
Nearer, My God, To Thee [Mason, Lowell]
New England, New England [Stoddard, I.T.]
Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen
O Come All Ye Faithful
O Come, O Come Immanuel
O Day Of Rest And Gladness
O God Our Help In Ages Past [Croft, William]
O Holy Night [Adam, Adolphe]
O Little Town Of Bethlehem [Redner, Lewis H.]
O Thou Who Dryest The Mourner's Tear [Haydn, Franz Joseph]
On The Banks Of The Wabash [Dresser, Paul]
On Wisconsin [Purdy, W.T.]
One More River To Cross
One Sweetly Solemn Thought [Ambrose, Robert Steele]
Onward, Christian Soldiers [Sullivan, Arthur]
Over There [Cohan, George M.]
Panis Angelicus [Franck, Cesar]
Prayer Of Thanksgiving
Prepare Thyself, Zion (Christmas Oratorio) [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
Rally Round The Flag [Root, George F.]
Red River Valley
Ring Out, Wild Bells [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus]
Rise Up, Shepherd, An' Follow
Rock Of Ages [Hastings, Thomas]
Rocked In The Cradle Of The Deep [Knight, J.P.]
Sailing, Sailing [Marks, Godfrey]
Shall We Gather At The River? [Lowry, Robert]
She Wore A Yellow Ribbon [Norton, George A.]
She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain
Silent Night [Gruber, Franz]
Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Chiild
Speed Our Republic [Keller, Mathias]
Stand Up, Stand Up For Jesus [Webb, George J.]
Standin' In The Need Of Prayer
Steal Away
Sweet And Low [Barnby, Sir Joseph]
Sweet Hour Of Prayer [Bradbury, William B.]
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
Tell Me Why
Tenting Tonight [Kittridge, William]
The Air Force Hymn [Baker, Henry]
The American Flag [Tufts, John W.]
The Army Hymn [Baker, Henry]
The Caissons Go Rolling Along [Gruber, Edmund L.]
The Church's One Foundation [Wesley, Samuel S.]
The First Nowell
The Girl I Left Behind Me
The Holy Babe [Dykes, John B.]
The Lord's My Shepherd [Irvine, Jessie S.]
The Marine's Hymn
The Minstrel Boy
The Navy Hymn [Dykes, John B.]
The Old Rugged Cross [Bennard, George]
The Palms [Faure, Jean-baptiste]
The Sailor's Grave
The Sidewalks Of New York [Lawlor, Charles] [Blake, James]
The Soldier's Farewell [Kinkel, Johanna]
The Spacious Firmament On High [Haydn, Franz Joseph]
The Stars And Stripes Forever [Sousa, John Philip]
The Star-spangled Banner [Smith, John Stafford]
The Yellow Rose Of Texas
There Are Many Flags In Many Lands [Howliston, Mary H.]
There Is A Green Hill Far Away [Stebbins, George C.]
There Is A Happy Land [Breedlove, Leonard P.]
Tramp, Tramp, Tramp [Root, George F.]
Wave, Wave, Wave [Tufts, John W.]
Way Down Upon The Swanee River [Foster, Stephen]
We Plough The Fields And Scatter [Schulz, Johann Abraham Peter]
We Three Kings Of Orient Are [Hopkins, John Henry Jr.]
Were You There
What A Friend We Have In Jesus [Converse, Charles C.] [Scriven, Joseph]
When I Survey The Wondrous Cross [Miller, Edward]
When Johnny Comes Marching Home [Gilmore, Patrick S.]
When The Saints Go Marching In
Whispering Hope [Hawthorne, Alice]
Yankee Doodle
Yankee Doodle Dandy
You're A Grand Old Flag [Cohan, George M.]
You're In The Army Now

Okładka: , The Pointer System For Piano

cena 110,95 zł.


The Pointer System For Piano

polski Szkoła gry na keyboardzie
angielski The Pointer System For Piano

Ilość stron:160
Format:225 x 300
Opracowanie na:keyboard solo (zawiera akordy, teksty)
Obsada:Instrument (w nawiasie ilość materiałów wykonawczych)
Keyboard (1)
Rodzaj produktu:nuty drukowane
Wersja językowa:wstępu: angielska
opisów: angielska
tytułów utworów: angielska
Stopień trudności:1 w skali od 0 do 10
Dostępnośćw magazynie, wysyłka natychmiastowa

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Kod produktu:NPL079898
Produkty podobne:Lehmeier Jerry - Pointer System For Piano - Book 5

Szkoła gry na keyboardzie obejmuje 5 części zawartych w jednej publikacji. Każda część zawiera lekcje gry oraz utwory, które posiadają zapis linii melodycznej i akordów, dzięki czemu mogą być zagrane po krótkich czasie nauki. Pierwsza część książki wprowadza zagadnienia dotyczące schematu klawiatury instrumentu, notacji muzycznej, wartości rytmicznych, skal muzycznych, itp. Część druga skupia się na znakach chromatycznych (grze przy użyciu czarnych klawiszy), budowie akordów, grze z użyciem pedałów. Trzecia część poszerza zakres informacji dotyczących akordów, skal i rytmów. Część czwarta wprowadza zakres materiału dotyczący akordów septymowych, oktaw, grup szesnastkowych. Część piąta zawiera informacje na tematy takie, jak: przewroty akordów, pochody harmoniczne i modulacje. Całość w angielskiej wersji językowej.

This piano method is fast, fun and designed for the "do-it-yourselfer". Familiar songs can be played almost immediately because the student reads only the melody line and chord symbols. It also provides the incentive for continuing serious music study! With The Pointer System you can learn to play the piano us you've always wished you could - even if you have never touched a keyboard before in your life!
Book 1 - learn the basics of the keyboard, the staff, rhythm, scales, melodies and more.
Book 2 - Start learning about the black keys, the sustaining pedal, new chords, and more.
Book 3 - This book continues with major chords, scales, rhythm in 4, eighth note patterns, and more.
Book 4 - moves into the areas of alternating bass, melody in octaves, sixteenth notes, playing triplets, syncopation, and more.
Book 5 - This edition explores scale and chord patterns, chord inversions, chord progressions, cross hand accompaniment, key of D Major, and more.

Lista utworów:
Annie Rooney
Auld Lang Syne
Beautiful Dreamer
Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms
Can Can Polka
Carnival of Venice
Down it the Valley
Drink to me Only With Thine Eyes
Du, du, liegst mir im Herzen
Faith of our Fathers
Folk Song
Home Sweet Home
Jingle Bells
Little Brown Church in the Vale
Long, long ago
Oh, Susanna
Pop goes the Weasel
Rose of Tralee
Carry Me Back To Old Virginny
Down in the Valley
Faith of our Fathers
Farewell to Thee
Flow Gently, Sweet Afton
For He's a Jolly Good Fellow
Gypsy Love Song
I'll Take you home again, Kathleen
Merry Widow
My Darling Clementine
O Jesus, I have Promised
On top of old smoky
Sidewalks of New York
Volga Boatmen
We Three Kings
After the Ball
Annie Laurie
Caisson Song
Camptown Races
Good Night Ladies
Gold and Silver Waltz
Holy, Holy, Holy!
Home on the Range
In the Good Old Summer Time
I've been Working on the Railroad
Jingle Bells
Marie Hymn
Minute Waltz
My Wild Irish Rose
Oh, Susanna
Santa Lucia
Vienna Life
Whispering Hope
Beautiful Brown Eyes
Bicycle Built for Two
Bill Bailey
Cielito Lindo
Emperor Waltz
For He's a Jolly Good Fellow
Hello my Baby
Kerry Dance, The
La Spagnola
Little Brown Jug
Loch Lon ond
Love's Old Sweet Song
My Bonnie
My Sweetheart's the Man In the Moon
Old Folks at Home
Sailing, Sailing
Sirens Waltz
Sweet and Low
Tres Jolie
Beautiful Isle of Somewhere
Capriccio Italien
First Noel, The
Foggy, Foggy Dew
Forty-Five Minutes from Broadway
Glow Worm
I Love You Truly
In the Shade of the Old apple Tree
Midsummer Night's Dream
My Gal Sal
O, Worship the King
Shortnin' Bread
Silent Night
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
Tell me Why
This Train
When the Saints Come Marching In
When You Were Sweet Sixteen

Spis treści:

The Piano Keyboard
Playing the Melody
The Pointer System
Tied Notes
The Staff
Rhythm in Music
The F Chord
About Note Reading
The Time Signature
Three New Notes
The C Scale
Quiz Time
Seventh Chords
Another Octave
The Quarter Rest
Eighth Notes
Pick Up Notes
Dotted Notes
The F Major Scale
Now Chords
Quiz Time
More About the Keyboard
Using the Sustaining Pedal
New Chords
How to Form Minor Chords
How to Form Seventh Chords
Playing Rhythm in 3
How to Form Sixth Chords
How to Form Diminished Chords
How to Form Augmented Chords
The key to the Pointer System
New Major Chords
The G Major Scale
Playing Rhythm in 4
Using the Sustaining Pedal with Rhythm in 4
The Dotted Quarter and Eighth Note Rhythm Pattern
Major Scales Built on White Keys
Playing Rhythm with Eighth note Patterns
Major Scales Built On Black Keys
Keyboard Pointers
Alterating Bass
Keyboard Pointers
Melody in Octaves
Sixteenth Notes
Keyboard Pointers
Playing Triplets
The 6/8 Time Signature
Kyboard Pointers
Chord Change Shortcut
New Left Hand Rhythm Patterns
Scale and Chord Patterns
Keyboard Pointers
Chord Inversions
New Chord Inversions
Chord Progressions - Key of F
Chord Progressions - Key of G
Chord Progressions - Key of C
Keyboard Pointers (Right Hand Harmony in Thirds)
Cross Hand Accompaniment
The Key of Bb Major
The Key of D Major

Okładka: , Gershwin Centennial - Landsberg & Yount

cena 193,95 zł.


Gershwin Centennial - Landsberg & Yount

polski Stulecie Gershwina - Landsberg & Yount
angielski Gershwin Centennial - Landsberg & Yount

Opracowanie na:płyta CD
Rodzaj produktu:płyta CD
Wersja językowa:angielska
Dostępnośćw magazynie, wysyłka natychmiastowa
AutorzyWykonawca: Yount Robert, Landsberg Norman

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Kod produktu:NPL065613

Płyta wydana w setną rocznicę urodzin Georga Gershwina, zawiera najbardziej znane utwory fortepianowe w wykonaniu duetu: Normana Landsberga i Roberta Younta. Wśród tytułów znajdziesz m. in.: "The Man I Love", "Nobody But You", "Sweet And Low Down", "Who Cares? (So Long As You Care For Me)" i inne.

Created to commemorate the 100th anniversary of George Gershwin's birth, this disk features an outstanding medley of this brilliant composer's best works, performed on piano by the talented duo of Landsberg & Yount. Includes 22 songs: The Man I Love • Swanee • Nobody but You • I'll Build a Stairway to Paradise • Do It Again • Fascinatin' Rhythm • Somebody Loves Me • Sweet and Low Down • My One and Only Love • 'S Wonderful • I Got Rhythm • and many more!

Lista utworów:
The Man I Love (Gershwin George)
Swanee (Gershwin George)
Nobody But You (Gershwin George)
I'll Build a Stairway to Paradise (Gershwin George)
Do It Again (Gershwin George)
Fascinating Rhythm (Gershwin George)
Oh, Lady Be Good! (Gershwin George)
Somebody Loves Me (Gershwin George)
Sweet And Low Down (Gershwin George)
Clap Yo' Hands (Gershwin George)
Do, Do, Do (Gershwin George)
My One And Only (Gershwin George)
'S Wonderful (Gershwin George)
Strike Up The Band (Gershwin George)
I Got Rhythm (Gershwin George)
Who Cares? (So Long As You Care For Me) (Gershwin George)
That Certain Feeling (Gershwin George)
Liza (All The Clouds'll Roll Away) (Gershwin George)
Three Preludes (Gershwin George)
Bess, You Is My Woman / Summertime (Gershwin George)


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