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Sure Thing

Dostępne opracowania:

fortepian solo (zawiera teksty) (1)
gitara solo (1)
książka (1)

Sure Thing znajdziesz w 3 publikacjach wymienionych poniżej:

Okładka: Kern Jerome, Jerome Kern Collection

cena 110,95 zł.


Kern Jerome
Jerome Kern Collection

Ilość stron:240
Format:152.4 x 254
Opracowanie na:fortepian solo (zawiera teksty)
Rodzaj produktu:nuty drukowane
Dostępnośćw magazynie, wysyłka natychmiastowa
Kod produktu:NPL058267

The definitive collection of the work of Jerome Kern, one of the most beloved composers of all-time. The 46 songs in this book are the original sheet music arrangements including all verses. Also included are a biography with photos of Jerome Kern, a brief narrative and photos for each song, plus Oscar Hammerstein's moving eulogy for his friend. Featured songs include: Look for the Silver Lining • Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man • Ol' Man River • Smoke Gets in Your Eyes • All the Things You Are • The Last Time I Saw Paris • and more.

Lista utworów:
A Fine Romance (Jerome Kern)
All The Things You Are (Jack Leonard with Tommy Dorsey Orchestra)
All Through The Day (Frank Sinatra, Perry Como)
Bill (Jerome Kern)
Can I Forget You (Jerome Kern)
Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man (Anette Warren, Helen Morgan)
Can't Help Singing (Deanna Durbin & Robert Paige)
Cleopatterer (Jerome Kern, P.G. Wodehouse)
Dearly Beloved (Jerome Kern)
Don't Ever Leave Me (Ted Hawkins)
How'd You Like To Spoon With Me (Jerome Kern)
I Dream Too Much (Dorothy Fields, Jerome Kern)
I Won't Dance (Jerome Kern)
I'm Old Fashioned (Jerome Kern)
In Love In Vain (Jerome Kern)
I've Told Ev'ry Little Star (Linda Scott)
Ka-lu-a (Jerome Kern)
Long Ago (And Far Away) (Jerome Kern)
Look For The Silver Lining (Jerome Kern)
Lovely To Look At (Jerome Kern)
Make Believe (David Paich, Jerome Kern)
Ol' Man River (Jerome Kern)
Pick Yourself Up (Jerome Kern)
Remind Me (Dorothy Fields, Jerome Kern)
She Didn't Say Yes (Jerome Kern)
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (The Platters)
Sunny (Bobby Hebb)
Sure Thing (Ira Gershwin, Jerome Kern)
The Folks Who Live On The Hill (Jerome Kern)
The Last Time I Saw Paris (Jerome Kern)
The Night Was Made For Love (Jerome Kern)
The Siren's Song (Jerome Kern, P.G. Wodehouse)
The Song Is You (Jerome Kern)
The Touch Of Your Hand (Jerome Kern)
The Way You Look Tonight (Jerome Kern)
They Didn't Believe Me (Jerome Kern)
Till The Clouds Roll By (Jerome Kern)
Waltz In Swingtime (Jerome Kern)
Whip-Poor-Will (Jerome Kern)
Who? (Claude-Michel Schonberg, Jerome Kern)
Why Do I Love You? (Jerome Kern)
Why Was I Born? (Jerome Kern)
Yesterdays (Guns N' Roses)
You Are Love (Tom Paxton)
You Couldn't Be Cuter (Dorothy Fields, Jerome Kern)
You Were Never Lovelier (Jerome Kern, Johnny Mercer)

Okładka: Bolcom William, Seasons for Solo Guitar

cena 82,95 zł.


Bolcom William
Seasons for Solo Guitar

polski Pory roku na gitarę solo
angielski Seasons for Solo Guitar

Ilość stron:20
Format:230 x 305
Opracowanie na:gitara solo
Obsada:Instrument (w nawiasie ilość materiałów wykonawczych)
Gitara (1)
Rodzaj produktu:nuty drukowane
Wersja językowa:wstępu: angielska
tytułów utworów: angielska
Stopień trudności:8 w skali od 0 do 10
Dostępnośćw magazynie, wysyłka natychmiastowa

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Kod produktu:NPL064721

"Seasons" to pięć kompozycji Williama Bolkoma będącymi obrazami muzycznymi pór roku w Michigan. Kompozycje te zostały zadedykowane Michaela Lorimera, a ich premiera w jego wykonaniu miała miejsce na Uniwersytecie Michigan 15 listopada 1975 roku.

"Seasons" for guitar, written for Michael Lorimer and commissioned by the Michigan Council for the Arts, is a pastoral piece, one of a long tradition of "Seasonal" works. It stars and ands, however, with winter, which is somewhat unusual, and the seasonalbreaks in the movements are not determined by the solstices - more by the moments one feels sure things are changing, have changed, and will change again. Here in Michigan, spring and summer flow together more than they do further East; late summer is almost another season from early summer; falls are hearty but crepuscular; winters are long.

Lista utworów:
Winter (Badlands, Roland Hanna)
Thaw (William Bolcom)
Spring and Summer Dances (William Bolcom)
Summer Sounds (William Bolcom)
Harvest Time and Winter's Onset (William Bolcom)

Okładka: Beall Eric, Making Music Make Money

cena 148,95 zł.


Beall Eric
Making Music Make Money

polski Rób muzykę rób pieniądze
angielski Making Music Make Money

Ilość stron:272
Format:152 x 229
Opracowanie na:książka
Rodzaj produktu:książka
Wersja językowa:angielska
Dostępnośćw magazynie, wysyłka natychmiastowa
AutorzyEdytor: Lindsay Susan Gedutis
Kod produktu:NPL065656

Publikacja Erica Beall'ego stworzona jest z myślą o tworzeniu biznesu w dziedzinie muzyki. Główna uwaga skupia się na procesie eksploatacji i na znaczeniu tworzenia modelu solidnego interesu muzycznego. Eric Beall jest dyrektorem Zomba Music Publishing, oraz dawnym twórcą piosenek i producentem muzycznym.

Making Music Make Money will educate songwriters and aspiring music business entrepreneurs in the basics of becoming an effective independent music publisher. Eric Beall, creative director for Zomba Music Publishing, covers everything you need to know to get published, including: the role of a music publisher; copyright - how to get one, use one, and make money from one; building a business plan; identifying which songs to sell and to whom; and much more.

Spis treści:

1. Start me up: getting into the game
1. What is music publishing, anyway?
The creation
What's in it for us
Pennies from heaven
2. It all starts with the song: evaluating your catalog
Do You own the songs?
Are these songs any good?
Can you find the songs?
3. The "F" word: Focus
Three things that focus will do
What to do if you won't or can't focus
4. Start me up: The Basics of business
The Name Game
Doing Business As...
And the Winner Is...
5. Do You know where you're going to?: The business plan
Strategy: Can't get there from here
What to do if your plan doesn't work
Listen to your phone
Hit'em where they ain't
If you got partners, put the plan on paper
Set a deadline
6. Step into my office: setting up shop
The Choices
The Setup
7. The inside scoop: setting up shop, part 2
Trade Magazines or Journals
Tip Sheets
8. It's All About the Paper: Setting up systems
Copyright Administration
Music Archives
The Song Submittal Form
Warning: Safety First!
9. Show me the money!: Financial Acoounting
How to play the game
The big playback
10. We are family: putting together your team
The Lawyer
The Accountant
The Performing Roghts Organization
2. Exploitation: the real work of publishing
11. Someone's knocking at the door: Welcome to the Land of Opportunity
Make stuff happen
Artist or band demos
Live Performance
Stores, Restaurants, Clubs
This Is how we do it: Understanding the Musical Marketplace
My name is: the creative director
Getting the Music Right
The Song quality checklist
We'd be so good together: The art of Collaboration
Finding collaborators
Matchmaker, matchmaker
The rules of collaboration
Do You hear what I hear?: Getting the Music Right (Means Getting the Demo Right)
The Three Philosophies of demos
Know Yourself
Studio / Recording Equipment
Musicians and Vocalists
Arangements and rearrangements
Songs for scale: understanding the Ancient art of song plugging
The Facts of Life as a Creative Director
Who's Looking"
Who's the Song right for?
Who's Listening?
And Here Comes the Pitch: Making the scales call
1: The Approach
2: The Pitch
3: The Follow - through
Smooth Operator: Song plugging master class
Relationship selling
The rules of office etiquette
The rules of the game: getting the music out
The song Plugger's glossary
Keep Rising to the Top: Moving the Writer Up
Everybody make some noise!
Planning the Attack: Timing is everything
Part 3: Taking care of business
License to fill (your coffers, that is): Fun with administration and licensing
Knowing what you have
Knowing what you're giving away
Ooh, you're my best friend: the collection crew
Harry Fox - Hungry like the wolf...
ASCAP / BMI / SESAC - They said it on the Air, on the Radio...
Foreign subpublishers - my money lies over the Ocean, My Money Lies Over the sea
Can't touch this: Protecting your copyrights
Understanding the Threat
Split Disputes: Smiling faces sometimes
Split Adjustments: got to give it up
Unauthorized use: that dirty little secret
Copyright infringement: You turned the tables on me
Copyright infringement: There goes my baby
Registering your claim for copyright
You're the one that I want: the final frontier (The art of Asquisition)
The sure thing: the single - song deal
The not - so - sure thing: the writer deal
Where the devil lives: the details
Conclusion: the end of the road
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