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Open Mind

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Okładka: Burns Roy, The Best Of Concepts

cena 54,65 zł.


Burns Roy
The Best Of Concepts

angielski The Best Of Concepts

Ilość stron:80
Format:215 x 275
Opracowanie na:książka
Rodzaj produktu:książka
Wersja językowa:angielska
Dostępnośćw magazynie, wysyłka natychmiastowa

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Kod produktu:NPL056445

Książka z zakresu instrumentoznawstwa, zawiera wszelkie informacje dotyczące możliwości i sposobów gry na perkusji. Autor publikacji - Roy Burns - w latach 1980 - 1992 znany był z artykułów w "Modern Drummer Magazine" dotyczących gry na perkusji, w których przedstawiał zabawne pomysły gry utworów znanych mistrzów, również muzyki poważnej.

Modern Drummer presents this compilation of articles in Roy Burns' popular 'Concepts' series, which ran in the magazine between 1980 and 1992. Roy is a respected clinician and drummer who has worked with big bands, jazz acts, and on T.V.. This book features nearly 70 of his most enlightening writings and will be of great interest to drummers of all levels.

Spis treści:

Showing up: The Key to Success
Teachers: Studying and learning
Drum Solos
The World's Greatest Drummer - And Other Hang - Ups
Overcoming The "Horribles"
Put - Downs, Put - Offs, And Put - Ons
Success: Is It Who You Know?
Respect: The Key To An Open Mind
"Can You Play Like John Smith?"
Do Self - Taught Drummers Play Better?
Self - Appointed Authorities Can Be Dangerous to You Health
Friendship and Drummers
Trying Easy
Practicing and Boredom
Drumming and Discouragement
Drumming and put - downs
Drumming and sitting in
The Drummer's Dream
Drumming and the big break
Drumming and the big move
Drumming and experience
Drumming and self - discipline
Drumming and burnout
Tempo Problems
Getting Unstuck
Teaching by Intimidation
Drummers are special people
Praise and criticism
Teaching yourself
Doing Your best
Practicing and fun
Visual Learning
Trusting Your Own ideas
It's never too late
Money Vs. Music
Believe in Yourself
Talent and follow - through
Jealousy and gossip
Old Drummers and Young Drummers
Keeping hope alive
How Much Should You Practice?
Put the Music First
There is no substitute for experience
Playing time
There are no shortcuts
Why Is the Music business so tough?
Being Serious
Confidence Vs. Arrogance
Applying Information
Fame Vs. Ability
Holding Yourself Back
About the Author

Okładka: Ponty Jean-luc, Jean-Luc Ponty Collection

cena 68,95 zł.


Ponty Jean-luc
Jean-Luc Ponty Collection

Ilość stron:80
Opracowanie na:skrzypce solo
Rodzaj produktu:nuty drukowane
Dostępnośćw magazynie, wysyłka natychmiastowa
AutorzyWykonawca: Ponty Jean-luc
Kod produktu:NPL078126

After his less than humble beginnings as a graduate of the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris, and member of the prestigious Concerts Lamoureux,Ponty has performed and recorded with some of the greatest artists of all time. Sessions and collaborations include Al Di Meola, Jaco Pastorius, John McLaughlin and Frank Zappa to name but a few.

This collection contains lead-sheets for 22 of Ponty's hottest compositions from his own significant recordings. These lead sheets are suitable for any C-tuning instrument, and the melodies are provided with chord symbols as a spring board for your own improvisations. A vital collection of Jazz masterpieces from this remarkable virtuoso.

Lista utworów:
A Taste For Passion
After The Storm
Bowing Bowing
Don't Let The World Pass You By
Elephants In Love
Enigmatic Ocean
Even The Sun Will Die
Gardens Of Babylon
Give Us A Chance
Imaginary Voyage
Infinite Pursuit
New Country
No Absolute Time
Open Mind
Tender Memories
The Amazon Forest


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