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In The Gloaming

Dostępne opracowania:

fortepian solo (2)

In The Gloaming znajdziesz w 2 publikacjach wymienionych poniżej:

Okładka: , Piano Pieces For Children: Everybody's Favorite Series No.3

cena 68,95 zł.


Piano Pieces For Children: Everybody's Favorite Series No.3

Opracowanie na:fortepian solo
Rodzaj produktu:nuty drukowane
Dostępnośćw magazynie, wysyłka natychmiastowa
Kod produktu:NPL066380

Over 100 selections for piano, carefully and progressively graded. Includes music by Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Chopin, Handel, Massenet, Mozart and many more.

Lista utworów:
Ah! Vous Dirais-je-maman (French)
Albumleaf (Grieg)
America (Carey)
Andante (Second Movement - Symphony No.94 In G ' The Surprise')
Angel's Serenade [Braga, Francisco Ernani]
Arabesque [Burgmuller, Friedrich]
Aragonaise (Le Cid) [Massenet, Jules]
At Home (Licher)
Voice Of The Heart (Van Gael)
Volga Boat Song (Russian)
Waltz - Love Unspoken (The Merry Widow) [Lehar, Franz]
Waltz In E Op.39 No.2 [Brahms, Johannes]
Waltz Of The Flowers [Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich]
Waltz Op. 39 (Tschaikovsky)
Waltzing Doll (Poldini)
Wellington's Victory Op.91 (Battle Symphony)
Wiegenlied (Cradle Song)
You Are My Waltz
Young May Moon
Au Clair De La Lune [Traditional French]
Auld Lang Syne
Avalanche (Heller)
Barcarolle (Les Contes D'hoffmann) [Offenbach, Jacques]
Beautiful Blu Danube (Strauss)
Berceuse (Jocelyn) [Godard, Benjamin]
Camp Of The Gypsies (Behr)
Curious Story (Heller)
Doll's Dream (Oesten)
Ecossaise [Beethoven, Ludwig Van]
Elegie [Massenet, Jules]
Fairy Waltz (Streabogg)
Faust Waltz (Gounod)
Fountain, The (Bohm)
French Child's Song (Behr)
Funeral March (Sonata No.2 In B Flat Minor Op.35) [Chopin, Frederic]
Fur Elise (Bagatelle In A Minor Woo 59) [Beethoven, Ludwig Van]
Gavotte [Turk, Daniel Gottlob]
German Song (Tschaikovsky)
Gypsy Dance (Licher)
Home, Sweet Home [Bishop, Sir Henry] [Chilcott, Bob]
Humoresque [Dvorak, Antonin]
Hungarian Dance [Brahms, Johannes]
In Rank And File (Lange)
In The Gloaming (Harrison)
Italian Song (Tschaikovsky)
Joyous Farmer (Schumann)
Kentucky Home (Foster)
Knight Rupert (Schumann)
Largo [Handel, George Frideric]
Last Rose Of Summer (Plotow)
Le Coucou [Daquin, Louis-claude]
Londonderry Air
Long, Long Ago [Bayly, Thomas Haynes]
Love's Old Sweet Song [Molloy, James]
Mazurka In B Flat [Chopin, Frederic]
Melody [Schumann, Robert]
Melody In F Op.3 No.1 [Rubinstein, Anton]
Minuet (Don Juan) [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus]
Minuet In G [Beethoven, Ludwig Van]
Moment Musicale Op.94 No.3 [Schubert, Franz]
Musette [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
Oberon (Von Weber)
Old Black Joe (Foster)
Old French Gavotte
On The Meadow (Licher)
Passacaille ž Chaconne (G255)
Peasant Dance (Baumfelder)
Prelude In A Op.28 No.7 [Chopin, Frederic]
Prelude In C Minor Op.28 No.20 [Chopin, Frederic]
Prelude No.1 In C [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
Romance [Schumann, Robert]
Russian (Dark Eyes)
Scarf Dance (Chaminade)
Serenade [Schubert, Franz]
Silent Night [Gruber, Franz]
Soldier's March (Soldatenmarsch) Op.68 No.2 (Album For The Young) [Schumann, Robert]
Sonatina (Clementi)
Song Of India (Sadko) [Rimsky-korsakov, Nicolay]
Spinning Song Op.14 No.4 [Ellmenreich, Albert]
Spring Song [Mendelssohn, Felix]
Star Spangled Banner (Smith)
Swanee River (Foster)
Sweet Consolation
Tarantella (Pieczonka)
The Dove (La Paloma) [Yradier, Sebastian]
The Fair (Gurlitt)
The Harebell (Smallwood)
The Swan (Carnival Of The Animals) [Saint-saens, Camille]
Traumerei (Kinderscenen) Op.15 No.7
Trumpeter's Serenade (Spindler)
Tulip (Licher)
Turkey In The Straw
Turkish March [Beethoven, Ludwig Van]
Valse Bleue (Margis)
Valse Lente (Copelia) (Delibes)
Variations On La Folia And Minuet Op15
Venetian Boat-song No.2 (Song Without Words) Op.30 No.6
Viennese Melody (Viennese)
Vivace And Largo Poco Andante (Sonata In E Minor Op.3 No.3) [Blavet, Michel]

Okładka: Schaum John W., Adult Piano Course, vol. 1

cena 48,95 zł.


Schaum John W.
Adult Piano Course, vol. 1

polski Szkoła gry na fortepianie dla dorosłych, z. 1
angielski Adult Piano Course, vol. 1

Ilość stron:48
Format:230 x 305
Opracowanie na:fortepian solo
Obsada:Instrument (w nawiasie ilość materiałów wykonawczych)
Fortepian (1)
Rodzaj produktu:nuty drukowane
Wersja językowa:opisów: angielska
tytułów utworów: angielska
Dostępnośćw magazynie, wysyłka natychmiastowa

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Kod produktu:NPL066939
Produkty podobne:Schaum John W. - Piano Course A The Red Book
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Pierwsza część przeznaczonego dla dorosłych kursu gry na fortepianie Johna W. Schauma. W publikacji tej znalazł się wstęp do gry, obejmujący takie zagadnienia jak rozmieszczenie dźwięków na klawiaturze, wstęp do rytmiki czy harmonii, wszystko na przykładzie prostych utworów.

Book 1 in the John Schaum Adult Piano Course.

Spis treści:

How the fingers are numbered
How the white keys are named
How the music is written
Right hand (C, D, E) - "At sea level"
Left Hand (A, B, C) - "Seize the C's"
Alternating hands - "Say si si"
Four notes up and four notes down - "Alma mater"
Starting on fourth count in 4/4 time - "Upidee"
Introducing 3/4 time - "The lass tih the delicate air"
The phrase mark - "Two bits from symphonies"
Presenting rests - "It ain't gonna rain no more"
Omitting finger numbers - "Li'l Liza Jane"
The tie - "Red river valley"
Natural accents - "The rose of Tralee"
A brief history of piano
Sight reading hints - "When love is kind"
The sharp sign - "Sweet Marie"
F-sharp in the signature - "Nut brown maiden"
The flag sign - "Martha"
B-flat in the signature - "Country gardens"
Accidentals (sharp, flat and natural) - "My sweetheart's the man in the moon"
How to play in rhythm - "Those endearing your charms"
How to use the damper pedal
Pedal your own canoe
Music terms - "In the gloaming"
A unique musical coincidence - "Fifth symphony" - Beethoven
The dotted quarter note in 4/4 time - "None but the lonely heart"
Bringing out the melody - "Drink to me only with thine eyes"
Minor mood - "The cruel landlord"
The Metronome - "My heart is in the highlands"
Crescendo and diminuendo - "You tell me your dream"
The dictionary habit - "The lost chord"
The octave higher sign - "Drigo's serenade"
Intervals - "Too-ra-lay"
The pianoforte - "I'll take you home again Kathleen"
Schaum piano quiz
Musical dictionary


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