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The New Morris Fake Song Book of Show Music
Brimhall John

Okładka: Brimhall John, The New Morris Fake Song Book of Show Music

cena 95 zł.


Brimhall John
The New Morris Fake Song Book of Show Music

polski Nowy śpiewnik utworów musicalowych
angielski The New Morris Fake Song Book of Show Music

Ilość stron:360
Format:210 x 297
Opracowanie na:linia melodyczna (klucz wiolinowy) + akordy + teksty
Obsada:Instrument (w nawiasie ilość materiałów wykonawczych)
Głos wokalny (1) lub Instrument melodyczny (klucz wiolinowy)
Wersja językowa:tytułów utworów: angielska
słów utworów: angielska
Stopień trudności:4 w skali od 0 do 10
Dostępność:dostawa w ciągu 30 dni
Autorzy:Autor okładki: Green Gordon
Kod produktu:NPL077206

Obszerna kolekcja utworów z najpopularniejszych musicali Broadway'u, książka podzielona jest na dwie części. . Pierwsza z nich zawiera następujące rozdziały - musicale:
- 1966 "Mame"
- 1966 "Drat! The cat"
- 1966 "It's a bird... it's a plane... it's superman
- 1966 "The Yearling"
- 1965 "Golden boy"
- 1965 "Bajour"
- 1965 "I had a ball"
- 1964 "Hello Dolly"
- 1964 "Ben Franklin in Paris"
- 1963 "Hot spot"
- 1963 "Saratoga"
- 1963 "Bye bye Birdie"
- 1963 "House of Flowers"
- 1962 "Bravo Giovanni"
- 1961 "Milk and Honey"
- 1960 "Wildcoat"
- 1957 "Jamaica"
- 1954 "Peter Pan"
Druga część zawiera standardy filmowe, m. in.: "After You've Gone", "Baby, Be Mine" czy "Drifting and Dreaming".

Uwaga! Brakuje stron: 245 - 304, czyli następujących utworów: "Life's a Game", "Like a Straw in The Wind", "The Little Boy", "Little Child", "Little Drops of Rain", "A Little Street Where Old Friends Meet", Livery Stable Blues", "Lose That Long Face", "Lost", "Love Is a Carousel", "Love Is a Four Letter Word", "Love Is Eternal", "Love's a Worrisome Thing", "Love Of My Lif", "Loved One", "Lovely Night To Go Dancing", "Magic Of Hawaii", "Main Event (Let's Get To)", "Make Believe Ball Room", "Make Love To Me", "Man Once Said", "Man That Got Away", "Manhattan Merry - Go - Round", "Marry Young", "Memphis In June", "Mewsette", "Milenberg Joys", "Milkmen's Matine", "Milion Goes To Milion", "Miss Lucy Long", "Mister Meadowlark", "Mister Sandman", "Mister Santa", "Moon On My Pillow", "Moonlight Gambler", "More Love Than Your Love", "Morning After", "My Blue Ridge Mountain Home", "My Handy Man", "My, How the Time Goes By", "My Love", "My Shinning Hour", "My Star", Nearer and Dearer", "Never Steal Anuthing Small", "Next Time I Love", "Next Voice You Hear", "Night Is Filled With Wonderful Sounds", "Nocturne", "Nothing In Common", "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep", "Oceans Of Love", "Oh Baby Mine", "Oh! Ya! Ya!", "Ole Buttermilk Sky", "On Second Thought", "On The Beach At Bali Bali", "One For My Baby", "One Love", "Only, Only Love", "Ooh! What You Said", "Out of this world", "Outside my window", "Paint Me a Rainbow", "Paris, France", "Paris Holiday", "Paris Is a Lonely Town", "Pass Me By", "Passing By", "erfect Man", "Perfection", "Pine Top's Boogie", "Playboy's Theme", "orter's Love Song", "Prisoner Of Love", "Red Stocking and Green Perfume", "Requiem for Everyone", "Rice", "Rinders In The Sky", "Robin Hood", "Roses For Remembrance", "Roses Red - Violets Blue", "Rosetta", "Route 66", "Rules of the Road", "Rumba Jumps", "Sailor Boys Have Talk To Me In English", "Same Old Summer", "San", "San Fernando Valey", "Search Is Through", "Second Time In Love", "Send My Baby Back To Me", "Sentimental Journey", "Serenade of the Bells", "Serenade to a Lemoniade", "Shepherd Serenade", "Silence is Golden", "Sioux City Sue", "Size 12", "Smile Will Go a Long, Long Way", "So Long, Big Time", "So the story goes", "Somebody Bad Stole de Wedding Bell", "Somebody Loves You", "Somewhere in Old Wyoming", "Sorta on the Border", "Speak in Silence", "Speech", "S'posin'", "Spring in Maine", "Stay with the happy people", "Stormy Weather", "The Story Book Ball" i "Stow - a - way".
Stan publikacji: dostateczny, książka jest rozklejona, okładka zniszczona, strony z nutami czyste. Książka posiada fabrycznie wykonane otwory umożliwiające włożenie nut do segregatora.

Lista utworów:
Bosom Buddies
Gooch's Song
If He Walked Into My Life
It's Today
(The) Man In The Moon
My Best Girl
Open a New Window
St. Bridget
That's How Young I Feel
We Need A Little Christmas
Dancing With Alice
Deep In Your Heart
Drat! The Cat! Samba
Holmes And Watson
I Like Him
It's Your Fault
Let's Go
She Touched Me
She's Roses
Today Is a Day For a Band to Play
Wild And Reckless
Doing Good
I'm Not Finished Yet
It's Superman
It's Super Nice
Ooh, Do You Love You!
Pow! Bam! Zonk!
So Long, Big Guy
(The) Strongest Man In The World
We Don't Matter At All
We Need Him
What I've Always Wanted
(The_ Woman For The Man Who Has Everything
You've got Possibilities
You've Got What I Need, Baby
Boy Thoughts
Everything In The World
Growing Up Is Learning To Say Goodbye
I'm All Smiles
(The) Kind of Man a Woman Needs
My Pa
One Promise Come True
Someday I'm Gonna Fly
Spring Is a new Beginning
Why Did I Choose You?
Can't You See It?
Don't Forget 127th Street
Everything's Great
Gimme Some
Golden Boy
I want to be with You
Lorna's Here
Night Song
No More
Stick Around
This is the life
While the city sleeps
Honest Man
I can
Living simply
Love is a chance
More Over, America
Move Over, New York
Must it be love
Where is the tribe for me?
Words, Words, Words
Addie's At it Again
(The)Affluent Society
Can It Be Possible?
Coney Island, USA
Dr. Freud
Ev'erything I want
(The) Fickle Finger of fate
I had a ball
(The) Naighborhood Song
(The) Other Half Of Me
Think Beautiful
You Deserve Me
Before the parade passes by
Hello, Dolly
I Put my hand in
It Only takes a moment
It takes a woman
Motherhood march
Put on your sunday clothes
Ribbons Down My Back
So Long, Dearie
Diane Is
God Bless The Human Elbow
Half The Battle
Hic, Haec, Hoc
How laughable it is
I invented myself
I love the ladies
Look for small pleasures
To be alone with you
Too charming
We sail the seas
Whatever became of old temple?
When I dance with the person I love
You're in Paris
Big Meeting Tonight
Hey, Love
I think the world of you
Little trouble goes a long, long way
Live in
That's Good - that's bad
Welcome to our country
Dog eat dog
(A) game of poker
Goose never be a peacock
Love Held Lightly
(The) Man in my life
(The) parks of Paris
Petticoat high
You For Me
Baby, Talk to me
Bye Bye Birdie
Honestly Sincere
How Lovely to be a woman
Hymn for a sunday evening
(A) lot of living to do
One boy
One Last kiss
Put on a happy face
(The) Telephone Hour
Can I Leave off Wearin' My Shoes?
Don't Like Goodbyes
House of Flowers
I never has seen snow
One man (Ain' quite enough)
(A) sleepin bee
Smellin' of vanilla
Two Ladies in de shade of de banana tree
Ah! Camminare
If I were the man
I'm all I've got
(The) Kangaroo
One Little World Apart
Steady, Steady
As Simple As That
Chin Up, Ladies!
I WIl Follow You
Independence Day Hora
Let's Not Waste a moment
Milk and honey
That was yeaterday
There's no reason in the world
Give a little whistle
Hey, Look me over
One day we dance
Tall hope
What takes my fancy
You've come home
Cocoanut sweet
I don't think I'll end it all today
Little biscuit
Pretty to walk with
Push de button
Take it slow, Joe
What Good Does It Do?
Captain Hook's Waltz
Distant Melody
I won't grow up
I'm flying
I've gotta crow
Never never Land
Tender Shepherd
Ac-cent-tchu-ate the positive
After You've Gone
All I touch
Alone too long
(The) Anniversary Waltz
Another Human Being of the Opposite sex
Argentine fire brigade
As long as I live
Baby, be mine
Basin Street Blues
Be Mine
Be My life's companion
Be Yourself
Bend down, Sister
(The) Best is yet to come
Big brass band from Brazil
Blue Flame
Blue, turning grey over You
Blues Are Brewin
Born to be with You
(The) Bowling song
(The) breaking point
Can't You just see Yourself
Careless Hands
(The) chair song
(The) Christmas Song
Christopher Columbus
Closer Than a kiss
Dallas Blues
David's Psalm
Dear Hearts and gentle people
Deep Henderson
Dissertation on the state of bliss
Do You know what It Means to miss
Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief
(A) Doodlin' Song
Dream Daddy
Dream Dust
Dreamland Rendezvous
Drifting and dreaming
Driftin Down the dreamy Ol' Ohio
Dusky Stevedore
Enjoy Yourself
Ev're Hour On the hour
Face in the crowd
Fancy free
Fancy meeting Yoy here
Five Minutes more
Floatin' down to cotton town
Flower of dawn
Follow the swallow to hideway hollow
For every man there's a woman
Friendly Islands
From the Land of the sky blue water
Girl I love
Girls who sit and wait
Good intentions
Good man is hard to find
Goodbye Little Girl
Gotta Get Me Somebody to Love
Gotta Have me a go with You
Hanbag is not a proper mother
Happy Habit
Happy with the blues
Headless horseman
Help Neighbor
Here comes another song about Texas
Here's to my Lady
Here's to the Losers
Here's what I'm here for
High upon a mountain
Honey song
Honeyfoglin' time
Hooray for love
Horses carry tails
How can I tell?
How it lies, how it lies
How little we know
Hush - a - bye Island
I ain't got Nobody
I ain't got nothin' but the blues
I am an American
I could go on Singing
I don't wanna be kissed
I found a peach in orange New Jersey
I know
I love a New Yorker
I promise You
I walk a little Faster
I walk with music
I want an easter bunny
I want to be loved
I want You
If I had a wishing ring
I'll buy that dream
I'll never make the same mistake again
I'll walk alone
I'll wind
I'm drifting back to dreamland
I'm glad there is You
I'm home
I'm putting me in Your hands
I'm sorry - I want a Ferrari
I'm telling You Now
In the canlelight
In the middle of an Island
In the Valley of the moon
Is I gotta to school, ma?
It amazes Me
It takes love to make a home
It was written in the stars
It's a new World
It's been a long, long time
It's so nice to have a man around the house
It's too soon to know
It's 1200 miles from Palm Springs to Texas
I've heard that song before
I've never forgotten
Ivory tower
Johnny's comin' home
June comes around every year
Just for the bridge and groom
Keepin' out of Mischief now
Kentucky Babe
Kids say the darndest things
Kinda sorta doing nothing
Lemon Twist
Let her not be beautiful
Let's have an old fashioned Christmas
Let's take the long way home
Life can be beautiful
Life is for livin'
Life's a game
Like a straw in the wind
Little boy
Little child
Little drops of rain
Little Street where old friends meet
Livery stable blues
Lose that long face
Love is a carousel
Love is a four letter word
Love is eternal
Love's a worrisome thing
Love of my life
Loved one
Lovely night to go dancing
Magic of Hawaii
Main event
Make Believe Ball Room
Make love to me
Man once said
Man that got away
Manhattan Merry go round
Marry Young
Memphis in June
Milenberg Joys
Milkmen's Matinee
Million goes to milion
Miss Lucy Long
Mister Meadowlark
Mister Sandman
Mister Santa
Moon on my pillow
Moonlight gambler
More love than your love
Morning after
My blue ridge mountains home
My Handy man
My, how the time goes by
My love
My shinning hour
My star
Nearer and dearer
Never steal anything small
Next time I love
Next voice You hear
Night is filled with wonderful sounds
Nothing in Common
Now I lay me down to sleep
Oceans of love
Oh baby mine
Oh! ya! ya!
Ole buttermilk sky
On second thought
On the beach at bali bali
One for my baby
One Love
Only love
Ooh! What You said
Out of this world
Outside my window
Paint me a rainbow
Paris, France
Paris Holiday
Paris is a lonely town
Pass me by
Passing by
Perfect man
Pine top's boogie
Playboy's theme
Porter's love song
Prisoner of love
Red stockings and green perfume
Requiem for everyone
Riders in the Sky
Robin Hood
Roses for Remembrance
Roses Red - Violets Blue
Route 66
Rules of the road
Rumba Jumps
Sailor boys have talk to me in English
Same old summer
San Fernando Valley
Search is through
Second time in love
Send my baby back to me
Sentimental journey
Serenade of the bells
Serenade to a lemonade
Shepherd serenade
Silence is golden
Sioux city sue
Size 12
Smile will go a long way
So long, big time
So the story goes
Somebody bad stole de wedding bell
Spmebody loves You
Somewhere in old wyoming
Sorta on the border
Speak in silence
Spring in maine
stay with the happy people
Stormy weather
Story book ball
Straight down the middle
Strip Polka
Sugar foor stomp
Summertime lies
Sweet Hawaiian Moonlight
Sweet violets
Sweetheart of Sigma Chi
Sweethearts on parade
Sweetie Pie
Swinging Sweethearts
Take a gold look around
Tempo of the times
That Honky - Tonky Melody
That old clock on the wall
That's a fine kind o' Freedom
That's what I want for Christmas
There'll be mournin' in the mountains
There'll be other times
There will never be another You
There's no tune like a show tune
There's nothing like a model T
They were doin' the Mambo
Thousand Islands Song
Three Bears
Till They've All Gone Home
Times Two, I love You
Tin Roof Blues
Today, i love everybody
Today's a wonderful day
Too fat for the Chimney
Too Good to talk about
Two a day
Velvet glove
Waitin' at the station
Watermelon weather
Wedding bells
We there
Weary blues
What I was warned about
Waht is my destiny?
What's a nice kid like You doing in a place like This?
What's Good About Goodbye?
When does this feeling go away?
When in Rome
When Joanna Loved me
When Lovers Laugh
When the summer is gone
When we came of age
When Your hair has turned to silver
Whispering heart
Who wants to work?
Why don't You do right?
icked man
Wolverine Blues
Woman alone with the blues
Yesterda's gardenias
You call everybody darling
You call it madness
You can always judge a gal
You can't make love
You fascinate me so
You forgot about me
You gotta love everybody
You taught me how to pray
You'll be mine in apple blossom time
You're far away from home
You're following me
Your feet's too big
Your good morning
Your hand in mine
Your name may be Paris

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